Documents required for Regulation 16:

Submission version Neighbourhood Development Plan:Submission_Version_BLNDP
Basic Conditions Statement:Basic_Conditions
Appendix A: B&L Design Codes Design_Codes_High_Res
Appendix B: Local Green SpacesAppendix B – Local Green Spaces
Consultation StatementThe Consultation Statement
Appendix A: Regulation 14 Consultees List
Appendix B: Regulation 14 All Feedback and SG Responses
Equality Impact Assessment:EQUIA_BLNDP
Housing Needs Assessment:Bramshott & Liphook Housing Needs Assessment
Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening:SEA/HRA Screening Determination July 2023
Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Report:Bramshott Liphook NP SEA – Scoping Report 200316 (1)
Neighbourhood boundary:B&L Neighbourhood Boundary
Link to evidence documents:Evidence_documents

Documents referred to in the Consultation Statement:

2017 Visioning event report (produced by Feria)

2018 Feria interim report

200731 Bramshott and Liphook Neighbourhood Plan Site Assessment – Final Report (amended)

Site Assessment Matrix-2021-12-30 – Issued RevA – FULL

South East group – presentation slides (8th June 2022), Penally – presentation slides (15th June 22), Liphook Traffic – presentation slides (22nd June 22), Passfields – presentation slides (29th June 22)

Additional documents:

FORMAL DRAFT NDP – Version published for Regulation 14 July 2023

Developers meeting 19th September 2023

Carbon Footprint Report: Bramshott and Liphook Parish 2022

SDNP Draft Letter September 2022

Original Call For Sites DRAFT 0-1

B&L Parish Plan 2016 – Executive Summary and Action Plan

B&L Parish Plan 2016 – Main Document

B&L Parish Plan 2016 – Annexures

PC AGM NDP Overview

NDP Process

NDP Communication Strategy v1-1

Site Assessment Matrix-2021-12-30 – Issued RevA

Site Assessment Matrix-2021-12-30 – Issued RevA – Options

2019-03-25 Public Presentation NDP

2019-04-27 – NDP screening request letter

2019-04-15 – NDP strategic site policies EHDC

2019-04-15 – NDP strategic site policies SDNPA

Planning Acronyms