Chapter 1) Sustainable Development and Housing

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THE VISION: There are well designed affordable community focused homes of the right size and tenure. They allow growth and adaptation to serve all phases of life, promoting health & wellbeing. The architecture uses passive energy and low carbon building materials and there is increased biodiversity and reduced carbon emissions for existing and proposed development.

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BL1. Location of Developments

B&L NDP is not allocating sites for development in the plan, however policy BL1 seeks to ensure that any development within the Parish is directed to the most appropriate, sustainable locations, where there is easy access to the main village services and facilities.  This will help to protect the wider landscape of the Parish and safeguards against the coalescence of the individual Parish settlements. The policy supports the re-use of previously developed brownfield sites in preference to greenfield. It also supports a compact and walkable neighbourhood to address the potential additional strain of development in the parish on road systems – particularly for developments that are furthest away from the centres facilities.

Aim: To ensure that development is directed to most appropriate sustainable locations and to ensure that all developments are linked closely to the existing settlements.

Policy Objective:

  • Minimise impact on natural and historic environment
  • Retain rural nature of parishes villages and hamlets – avoiding coalescence
  • Develop sustainable growth & vitality – meeting housing and employment need
  • Provide required additional community facilities
  • Enable travel within the village to be mainly by foot or bike
  • Prioritise the use of brownfield in preference to greenfield

The Policy (Course of Action): 

  • Focus development to within settlement policy boundaries - Define the development policy boundaries
  • Prioritise reuse of brownfield site - Identify potential brownfield sites
  • Avoid coalescence between individual settlements
  • Establish broads criteria against which any future site allocations should be considered
BL2. Meeting Local Housing Need

Housing currently available in the parish is primarily detached and semi-detached. There are fewer terraced homes and flats with lack of affordable housing and waiting lists. Estimates suggest 50 affordable houses are required per annum of the NDP period (950 in total) which is above the overall indicative housing number for the area. Bungalows appear in good supply. The aging population estimates B&L will have a higher than average population of over 75s and those with long term health problems or disabilities by 2036.

Aim: To meet housing needs in the parish

Policy Objective:

  • New dwellings delivered in the Parish contribute to local housing needs: focus on smaller homes (in terms of bedroom size); 75%:25% rental v market
  • At least 25% affordable homes delivered as First Homes as required by legislation
  • Affordable homes are well integrated with market homes
  • Provide support for specialist housing
  • Support self/custom build

The Policy (Course of Action):

  • Establish what the local housing need is through a Local Housing Needs Assessment and support proposals that will deliver against this
BL3. Character and Design of Development

Social wellbeing and quality of life can be enhanced by improving the built environment where we live and spend our time.  The NDP wants to build on the diverse and unique characteristics and design features of the existing housing in the parish. It is developing a series of design codes specifically for the parish that adheres to South Downs Design Codes and National Design Code to ensure the best possible quality.

Aim: To ensure that all development is high quality and contributes positively to local character

Policy Objectives:

  • Development is designed to integrate with local surroundings, changing need and natural environment, deliver to design codes and guidance, tree planting, soft landscaping, promote sustainable transport, protected views
  • Development at the edge of settlements is designed to be less dense so as to enable a more natural blend into the wider countryside

The Policy (Course of Action):

  • Define local character in the B&L context, through the development of Design Guide/Codes for the Parish
  • Promote high quality design – range of Design Guidance relevant to local area
  • Support proposals that are guided by the Design Codes
BL4. Climate Change and Design

Climate change is the biggest threat mankind has ever faced and governments all over the world are declaring climate emergencies. The UK has committed to net zero by 2050. Bramshott and Liphook has higher than GB and East Hants emissions per household on all estimates of consumption of goods and services, housing, travel, food and diet.

Aim: To support measures that will help to mitigate climate change.

Policy Objectives:

  • Development incorporates features that reduce energy consumption, specifically: site orientation to maximise solar gain, thermal efficient features, water efficiency, low carbon sustainable design, EV charging points
  • Existing historic buildings are retrofit to improve energy efficiency
  • Community-scale renewable energy schemes are supported

The Policy (Course of Action):

  • Development proposals are encouraged to minimise their environmental impact
  • Historic buildings are supported to improve energy efficiency drawing on Historic England’s Whole Building Approach
  • Support community-scale energy schemes

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