Chapter 6) Enhanced and Circular Economy

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THE VISION: Established local businesses are doing well and new businesses emerging. There is an increase in tourism and with more people working closer to or at home, using the local facilities and networks. The local economy is circular and thriving.

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BL19. Enhancing opportunities for local employment

Supporting current business and encouraging new will provide opportunities for local people and give a boost to local economy enabling better self-reliance. Home working has become more common since Covid stimulating the demand for work-spaces lunch time cafes and food providers. Knock on benefits of less commuting is reduced traffic. Feedback from the community emphasises the desire to establish stronger links between local students and local employers.

Aim: To safeguard existing employment space in the parish, while also supporting additional provision.

Policy Objectives:

  • Existing employment is safeguarded against change of use
  • Criteria against which new employment uses should be considered are adhered to

The Policy (Course of Action): 

  • Identify existing employment uses in the Parish and areas where additional employment use would be suitable and what sort of uses
  • Provide support to retaining existing employment land use and additional where the impacts on e.g. traffic and local amenity can be mitigated.
BL20. Enhancing the role and setting of Liphook village centre

There has been passionate feedback from residents about measure to enable  an economically vibrant, mixed-use centre in Liphook to attract additional footfall to the village centre. The aims is to enhance the historic village square, which could house a flexible space / covered market and improve the look and feel of the public realm.

Aim: To support a vibrant village centre with a mix of uses.

Policy Objectives:

  • Existing uses safeguarded against change of use
  • Public realm improvements are undertaken including enhancing the village square, identifying a suitable site for a covered market, providing new and improved signage for pedestrians within and between the two retail areas along Portsmouth Road and Midhurst Road and combined area of Station Road and Bleaches Yard, street tree planting
  • Upper floors of retail units provide residential space.

The Policy (Course of Action):

  • Define village centre and consider appropriate uses to enable a vibrant mixed use space
  • Set out specific public realm improvements that development can contribute towards
BL21. Promoting and sustaining rural tourism

The attractive location of the parish, regarded as the gateway to the South Downs National Park, coupled with its proximity to a great number of regionally and nationally significant visitor attractions, presents and opportunity for the parish to develop itself as both a destination and base for sustainable rural tourism.

Aim: To become a gateway to the South Downs National Park for visitors.

Policy Objectives:

  • Appropriate visitor infrastructure is provided in the Parish
  • Additional staying visitors are attracted
  • Improved connectivity between the Parish transport hubs and the SDNP and local attractions/ facilities

The Policy (Course of Action):

  • Identify potential for tourism
  • Provide support for proposals that would deliver sustainable tourism infrastructure and visitor facilities

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