Community Projects to Support the NDP

As part of the NDP plan we are collating a list of community ideas that can’t be made into full policies, but are projects that would support the NDP and potentially be funded by the CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy, contributions to the local authority made by developers). We were open to additional ideas as part of Regulation 14 Consultation.

Our current non-policy actions, taken from Chapter 12 of the Formal Draft Plan:

IssuePossible Actions
Influencing local housing deliveryContinued engagement with EHDC and SDNPA over strategic allocations.  
Improving pedestrian access to Bohunt SchoolLobby for additional formal pedestrian crossings / interventions. Task group to continue to engage with the school management team and the active travel group, to establish projects that will encourage modal shift for travel to school patterns.
A strategy for improving Liphook Village Square and the wider village centreAdd additional seating in The Square in appropriate locations to complement The Square’s heritage status.  
Tackling traffic volumes and speed in the villageContinue to lobby HCC Highways/ National Highways to divert through-traffic from the A3 away from Liphook, to alleviate pressure on The Square.Explore traffic-calming measures e.g. pedestrianisation, speed restrictions, raised surfaces – B3004 Passfield.Continue to report potholes and monitor progress on fixing them.Explore with HCC Highways, options to improve traffic flows through the village, e.g.:Pedestrian traffic from Sainsbury’s to Newtown and The Square to be improved with signage and across the Midhurst Road car park a delineated footpath to the alley opposite the Living Room Cinema.Review pedestrian/cycle/vehicle interface.
Community banking hubExplore options to deliver a community banking hub, following the closure of Liphook’s only bank.
Support local community events and activitiesEncourage successful businesses to continue to “give back” to community.Identify relevant community facilities as “Assets of Community Value”.Protect established, and support new, community projects and events, e.g. Liphook in Bloom and Liphook Carnival.
Effective street signageStreet signs to be maintained using a planned maintenance schedule.Review existing signage to reduce clutter.Erect a public notice board in each community, which would be large enough to accommodate notices for organisations in the Parish. The Parish signboards could, for instance, include the history of the Parish, location of points of interest and facilities.
Mitigating climate changeIdentify the locations for tree planting to enhance the road scenes throughout the Parish.Establish a local Climate Action Group.Explore opportunities to set up a Community Supported Agriculture Scheme in the Parish.
Supporting opportunities for community growing spacesContinue to identify locations for community planting, including in the designated local green spaces.Work with schools and local groups to encourage growing and learning about ‘seed to plate’.
Celebrating local heritageEncourage public awareness of local history by publicising the Liphook Heritage Centre.Work with landowners to encourage heritage information ‘Discovery’ boards in key positions such as Royal Anchor (Bus shelter), The Links Hotel (Car Park), The Deers Hut, St Mary’s Church, Radford Park, showing the Gateway to the South Downs National Park, heritage walks, country walks, viewpoints, etc. Consider the creation of new Conservation Areas, to recognise the character of newer developments.
Maintaining the public rights of way and improving accessibilityExplore options to revive a public rights of way, public areas, common land and permissive paths volunteer team to report on condition on a regular basis.
Conserving the River Wey and its environmentContinue to encourage public awareness of the need to conserve the River Wey environment.
Reducing traffic congestion on rural lanes in the ParishRequest the reclassification of rural lanes as ‘Quiet Lanes’ where deemed appropriate, but without intrusive signage.Lobby for reduced speed limits along Sunken Lanes.
Supporting active travelWork with partners to enable substitution of zebra crossing with Pelican crossings.Explore opportunities for provision of cycle training for children and adults.Undertake a Healthy Streets Questionnaire to understand more fully how people are using their streets and to inform improvements. Encourage volunteers to complete the Healthy streets assessor course and train others to allow surveys to be completed for Liphook village. Explore opportunities to develop circular walking/cycling routes around Liphook village.
Design of development enhances local characterEstablish a Local Design Panel to advise the Parish Council on the ‘technical’ aspects of planning applications of all types, using the Design Guidance for B&L.Provide advice to parishioners about lighting of homes and how this can be achieved without compromising dark skies or impacting neighbour amenity.
Improving public transport opportunitiesWork with partners to explore enhanced integration of public services i.e. rail and buses.Commission a study to understand existing bus usage and potential need, to inform timetabling and route recommendations.Explore options to support a community minibus scheme, potentially funded by developer contributions.
Encourage local volunteering and engagementEncourage schools to be engaged with Heritage and Design and volunteering to help the community.Encourage continuation of voluntary organisations concerned with the environment (e.g. Liphook in Bloom).
Supporting the delivery of an outdoor activity hub in the parishMaintain a dialogue with the SDNPA regarding land allocations in the South Downs National Park, which could support provision for an outdoor activity hub.
Providing additional sports facilitiesIdentify needs of different age groups and abilities and seek ways to deliver this. This would include working with any strategic site owner identified in the Local Plan (or future versions).Support provision of an outdoor gym/equipment including identifying site and suitable sources of funding. Other sports facilities could include: a multi-use games area or pumptrack.

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  1. Liphook’s only bank is closing down – could the LMC be used as a community banking hub?

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