NDP Steering Group

Chantal Foo

I have lived and worked in Liphook for 6+ years and run my architectural practice in the village center. I am a RIBA Chartered Architect and my skills and expertise are wide in the field of architecture, including design, planning, government and council planning policies, building and construction works, which involve various scales of development in the local area and further afield. I am involved in a variety of projects from householder works through to developer schemes and community/entertainment centres, and interested in how development influences local areas and communities.

I am interested in helping the community and local businesses to develop, and understand the importance to encourage younger generations to wish to continue to live and work in the local area to maintain a diverse community. Whilst development is encouraged by government, I believe it needs to be carried out in a proactive, sensible and effective manner to improve an area and help a community to thrive.




Raine Ryland
Raine Ryland

I have lived in Liphook for the past 2 years; initially because of an unwanted house move. Despite that, from the start we were touched by the sense of community and welcome that reached out to us as we settled in both in our immediate neighbourhood and around the village.

As a family, we are very dependent on the services, transport links and facilities within and around Liphook. I work part-time and flexibly but am home based, and our three children all attend local schools. My husband is a regular commuter; he works locally wherever possible and we rely on our local community not just informally (for company, or occasional emergency help) but also for our access to work, for our shopping, our health, our leisure and our education.

I volunteered to become involved with the NDP because I want to do my part to enhance and develop the welcome and openness that the community of Liphook gave to us, and to listen to and understand how Liphook can best meet all the needs of its local residents, its businesses, and its visitors (whether regularly to attend school or work or occasionL) whilst at the same time ensuring that Liphook celebrates the creation of its vision for itself as a vibrant, energetic, sustainable village.


Cllr. Jeanette Kirby

I have lived and worked in the parish for over 11 years and particularly enjoy taking an active role in fundraising activities in Bramshott. I am passionate about the natural environment, respecting the purpose of the South Downs National Park, and I am keen to explore innovative ways that this can benefit current and future generations of both residents and wildlife.

I have led a wide and varied career path, from family business, motor industry, catering, accounting and education, to gaining an honours degree in Environmental Science as a mature student. I have worked with Wildlife Trusts; children and young families, as well as the elderly. Having been part of the process of forming the Parish Plan I am eager to engage in the next step to meet the challenges of securing social, economic and environmentally sustainable development in the Parish.



Louise Bevan

I have lived in Liphook for about 10 years and have 2 daughters that went to Bohunt School. I feel very fortunate to be part of this busy, developing community, so close to the South Downs National Park where I enjoy walking.

My career has centred around health & wellbeing and I am a registered Public Health practitioner, educated to masters’ level, with 17 years’ experience of using evidence to inform service development and delivery. This includes cancer screening services, NHS health trainers, NHS Health Checks and a wellbeing service.
I have also worked with communities to understand local need and developed mechanisms for them to communicate their views in an ongoing way to city planners.

Neighbourhood development plans are a great opportunity for residents to have their say, about the pros and the cons of potential housing developments, from their perspective. I see my role is to make the links between resident’s views and any evidence that supports possible health benefits or harms of proposed housing developments, explicit in the plan.

I believe NDPs also have a wider value above this legal housing remit, to articulate the aspects of local life that are important to local people, so they are encouraged to find their own solutions to any issues arising. NDPs may also be a resource for policy makers that see the benefit of engaging with the communities they serve. I am excited about the opportunity of this role to work with local people to shape the plan further. I am particularly keen to support the movement towards local sustainable development and climate stability which give the best environment for individual & community health and wellbeing.



Cllr Sumi Olsen

I have lived in Liphook for almost 15 years. My husband and I chose Liphook because we were struck by its location within the most wonderful countryside, its Jewel in the Crown – Radford Park, its amenities, and its strong sense of community.

A born & bred Londoner who worked many years in corporate bookselling & publishing, as an independent publisher & consultant, and finally as Business Development Manager for the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI), my move here has been a very happy one. I have raised two children who have thrived in our exemplary local schools & nurseries. I run small businesses including a pet sitting service, and have been deeply involved in many local community projects.

I am a founding member of the Liphook Wellbeing Group, which was created to improve our community’s access to wellbeing and health-giving activities & services. Working with local small businesses and entrepreneurs, the LWG also focuses on supporting local business in the wellbeing, sustainable, eco-friendly, healthcare fields.

This reflects my lifelong interest and passion in community wellbeing and for making a positive difference to the world in which I live. While living here, I have organised various charity appeals – including Aleppo Refugees in crisis, and Grenfell residents following the devastating fire. The community response was typically spectacular, and highlights our village’s strong sense of social care and social responsibility.

It is this sense of service and desire to improve our villagers’ quality of life which led me to become a Parish Councillor, and in turn, to become a NDP steering group member. Even before the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on our personal & working lifestyles, the NDP volunteer team has worked hard to help shape a village which best serves the needs of our growing community, both now, and in the years to come.

I offer the NDP Steering Group, and thus to my community, my combined skills, knowledge & experience in the following: strategic level business planning & development; retail; sustainability & regeneration development; a commuter; a parent of young children, including one with complex special needs; a volunteer; a local society & club member; a walker and user of our recreational facilities; and a small business owner.




Resigned Steering Group Members

The NDP thanks all previous contributors to the NDP vision. Previous members of the NDP Steering Group include:

District Councillor Rebecca Standish, David Brocklebank, Alasdair Cameron, Dominic Taplin, Parish Councillor Emma Winfield, Eliza Margrove, John Raeyan, Darren Ellis and Roger Miller.