Working Parties

Working Parties have now been set up to discuss and research the 7 key themes highlighted in the Feria Interim Report.  They Working Parties and their members are as follows;

Access and Movement
Lead: Raine Ryland
Paul Arnold, Christine Hill, Colin Osborne, Jeremy Salmon, Eve de Gruchy

Lead: Jeanette Kirby

Sports and Recreation
Lead: John Raeyen
Chris Meech, Vicki Fletcher, Mary Braitch, Tony Rudgard

Lead: Jeanette Kirby
Richard Curry, Tony Richards, Emma Winfield

Heritage and Design
Lead: Roger Miller
Adrian Bird, Peter Harris

Public Services
Lead: Raine Ryland,  Second Support: Rebecca Standish
Antoinette Afrikian, Andrew Hunter Pope

Lead: Sumi Olson


We are still looking for new volunteers to join the Working Parties.  If you are interested please find the application forms under the “contact us” page.