Working Parties

Working Parties were set up in the earlier stages of the NDP to discuss and research the 7 key themes highlighted in the Feria Interim Report (2017).  Thank you to all those who have contributed over the years to turn these initial themes into the core chapters of the current NDP. They Working Parties and their members were as follows;

Access and Movement
Lead: Raine Ryland
Paul Arnold, Christine Hill, Colin Osborne, Jeremy Salmon, Eve de Gruchy

Lead: Jeanette Kirby

Sports and Recreation
Lead: John Raeyen
Chris Meech, Vicki Fletcher, Mary Braitch, Tony Rudgard

Lead: Jeanette Kirby
Richard Curry, Tony Richards, Emma Winfield

Heritage and Design
Lead: Roger Miller
Adrian Bird, Peter Harris

Public Services
Lead: Raine Ryland,  Second Support: Rebecca Standish
Antoinette Afrikian, Andrew Hunter Pope

Lead: Sumi Olson