Interim NDP Report

The Bramshott and Liphook Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) had an interim report published by the independent consultants Feria Urbanism in 2018.

Following a series of successful community engagement events in June and November 2017, the interim report sets out the key themes and areas of interest for the next stage of the NDP.
The interim report contains a summary of the community engagement and data gathering process to date, and more importantly, recommendations for the structure and approach to development of the key policy themes that could form the basis of the plan.
The full interim report can be found HERE and highlights 7 areas or themes of interests, which the NDP will now focus on. These are, in no particular order: Community, Housing, Access & Movement, Public Services, Sports & Recreation, Heritage & Design and Employment.

The NDP has now formed 7 working parties to look into these themes and conduct some research, evidence gathering and further community engagement.
The NDP Steering Group is keen to have more people involved in the working parties. So, if you have a passion for or interest in traffic, cycle paths, housing, employment opportunities, diversity of facilities, bringing out the historic Liphook, recreational facilities and sport facilities etc, and would to get involved with a working party, then you can register interest or apply directly using the process described HERE.