Chapter 4) Preserved Heritage

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THE VISION: The parish’s unique historic buildings are protected and enhanced. They are appreciated  alongside contemporary architecture as part of our daily activities.

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BL13. Conserving the Heritage of the Parish

The parish has a rich heritage some of which is already protected through planning policy. This includes Riverway and Liphook Centre Conservation areas, heritage assets such as Bramshott Manor & Church of St. Marys. The NDP process also enables heritage assets that are non-designated to be afforded recognition and conservation and this policy will enable that process with 23 sites identified.

Aim: To conserve heritage assets so that they can be enjoyed for their contribution to the quality of life of existing and future generations.

Policy Objectives:

  • Heritage assets – designated and non-designated, above and below ground – are recognised and conserved
  • Enabled greater appreciation of the history and heritage of the Parish
  • Opportunities to bring heritage at risk back to its former glory are pursued
  • Development taking place in the Conservation Areas makes a positive contribution to the Conservation Area and preserves special qualities of the setting

The Policy (Course of Action): 

  • Identify heritage assets in the Parish, both above and below ground
  • Identify non-designated heritage assets, the impact upon which should be carefully considered by any proposals affecting them
  • Maintain watching brief on heritage at risk
  • Define special qualities of the Conservation Areas
BL14. Sunken Lanes

The parish has a network of historic sunken lanes that are widely valued for their contribution to heritage, wildlife and biodiversity and their quiet nature for walking, cycling and horse riding travel. Developments can risk damage or removal of all or part of lanes to accommodate access to development. Developments themselves  many also change the volume of traffic and hence the overall nature of the lanes.

Aim: To identify and protect the network of historic sunken lanes within the parish, which provide a valuable movement network through the parish, particularly for horse riders.

Policy Objectives:

  • Network of existing sunken lanes is retained
  • The character of the sunken lanes is retained – e.g. road not elevated or the width changed, hedges not lowered, no road markings introduced.
  • Opportunities to reduce speed limits on sunken lanes is explored with partners

The Policy (Course of Action):

  • Identify the network of sunken lanes and provide guidance on how these should be protected against the negative impacts of development
BL15. Enhancing Liphook's shop frontages and design

Shops are important places that people regularly visit for good and provisions and are places for social interaction. They are central to any village in helping to create the character of the place. Many of Bramshott and Liphook’s shops are part of conservation areas.

Aim: To ensure that Liphook’s shop frontages and signage are designed to contribute to local character.

Policy Objectives:

  • Shops frontages and signage adhere to specific criteria so that they are in-keeping with local character

The Policy (Course of Action):

  • Define the core village centre set out criteria to encourage shops frontages and signage to be in keeping with local character

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