VISION: Bramshott and Liphook Parish is Healthy, Sustainable and Thriving

Sustainable development and housing

Our Plan will deliver well designed affordable community focused homes of the right size and tenure within 10-minute walk, wheel chair or bike ride to the main village facilities. Houses allow growth and adaptation to serve all phases of life, promoting health & wellbeing. The architecture uses passive energy and low carbon building materials and there is increased biodiversity and reduced carbon emissions.

Biodiverse environment and green spaces

Natural environments, open spaces, biodiversity and wildlife are restored, enhanced, protected and accessible for all. There are a network of ecological corridors that connect through the villages and to the wider countryside. Space for a wide range of active and passive recreation, for all ages. Air & water quality is good, it is quieter with dark skies and tranquility.

Safe and active travel

A place where walking and cycling are the first choice for local journeys. There is the infrastructure to support electric cars with fewer miles travelled by vehicle. Safe routes to access amenities and the station. Welcoming streets where people connect on their journey.

Preserved  heritage

The parish’s unique historic buildings are protected and enhanced. They are appreciated  alongside contemporary architecture as part of our daily activities.

Connected and supported communities

There are facilities for all needs – for health, social  & wellbeing, local food produce, education, culture, retail, sport and recreation. They are inclusive spaces that connect and bring people together linked to active travel and green spaces, car parking and electric vehicle charging.

Enhanced & circular local economy

Established local businesses are doing well and new businesses emerging. There is an increase in tourism and with more people working closer to or at home, using the local facilities and networks. The local economy is circular and thriving.