Read the Submission Version NDP

You can read the contents of the Neighbourhood Development Plan online: this is the Formal Submission version submitted to East Hampshire District Council in March 2024. The consultation period has now closed and the NDP is moving forward to examination.

Summaries of each chapter: Use the pink and green clickable chapters on your right. On a mobile device, scroll down to see these.

Submission version Neighbourhood Development Plan:Submission_Version_BLNDP
Basic Conditions Statement:Basic_Conditions
Appendix A: B&L Design CodesDesign_Codes_High_Res
Appendix B: Local Green SpacesAppendix B – Local Green Spaces
Consultation StatementThe Consultation Statement
Appendix A: Regulation 14 Consultees List
Appendix B: Regulation 14 All Feedback and SG Responses
Equality Impact Assessment:EQUIA_BLNDP
Housing Needs Assessment:Bramshott & Liphook Housing Needs Assessment
Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening:SEA/HRA Screening Determination July 2023
Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Report:Bramshott Liphook NP SEA – Scoping Report 200316 (1)
Neighbourhood boundary:B&L Neighbourhood Boundary
Link to evidence documents:Evidence_documents