Read the Formal Draft NDP

You can read the contents of the draft NDP online: this was the FORMAL DRAFT version presented at Regulation 14 in 2023. It has since been updated based on feedback and the submission version will be released for Regulation 16.

Summaries of each chapter: Use the pink and green clickable chapters on your right. On a mobile device, scroll down to see these.

The full Formal Draft NDP (185 pages): Liphook Neighbourhood Plan_Pre-Submission_Formal_Draft_July23

NDP Policy Aims, Summaries & Indicators (8 pages): July23_summary_document

NDP 21 Policies Breakdown (16 pages extracted from the full Formal Draft): NDP_21_Policies_Breakdown

Community Project Ideas (5 pages extracted from the full Formal Draft): Community_Project_Ideas

Draft Design Codes: July23_Bramshott_Liphook_Design_Code (compressed file – please email if you’d like a higher quality version)

SEA/HRA Screening Determination July 2023: SEA_HRA_Screening_Determination_23

B&L Housing Needs Assessment: BL_HousingNeedsAssessment