Public Exhibition & Online Feedback- February 2019

Timing and Details:

The Bramshott and Liphook Neighbourhood Development Plan invite all Parishioners to a public exhibition on Friday 15th February from 10am to 4.30pm and Saturday 16th February from 9.30am to 2pm at the Millennium Centre.

This is an open drop-in event where the residents of Bramshott and Liphook will have an opportunity to view and comment on the draft policies that have been developed by the NDP Steering Group and Working Parties.  There will be presentations and reading material available throughout the 2 days with submissions from the following Working Parties: Sports and Recreation, Access and Movement, Housing, Community, Public Services, Employment, and Heritage and Design.

The NDP Steering Group have organised this event to follow the release of East Hants District Council’s Draft Local Plan. The feedback collated at this event will help to shape the NDP policies and our consultation responses to EHDC on their draft Local Plan.  Therefore, the NDP Steering Group hope to have as many attendees and as much feedback as possible.

Online Feedback:

The NDP Steering Group is aware that some Parishioners may not be able to attend the Public Exhibition but still wish to review and feedback on the the draft policies. The draft policies, as exhibited at the Public Exhibition held on 15th and 16th February, are listed in the following links (available from 15th February 2019):

  1. Sports and Recreation            Sports Rec – map
  2. Access and Movement           Access and Movement -map
  3. Housing                                       Housing – map
  4. Community                                Community –  map
  5. Public Services                          Public Services -map
  6. Employment                              Employment – map
  7. Heritage & Design                   Heritage Design – additional info

Land uses – Consultation map

A copy of the “Introduction and Background” information from the exhibition can be found HERE.

Please using the feedback form below to comment, ensuring that you specify which of the Policy Areas your comments relate to.

If you wish to comment on an more than one policy, please simply “GO BACK” after submission, and resubmit your feedback after selecting a new Policy Area from the drop-down list.