PRESS RELEASE for Design Forum – Get involved

Press release for Design Forum – Get involved

Get involved

The Bramshott and Liphook Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Steering Group are getting ready for the forthcoming Design Forum on 1st and 2nd November at the Liphook Millennium Centre.

Emma Winfield, Chair of the NDP said “Have you ever found yourself thinking ‘I wish we had a … in the Parish’ or ‘this Parish would be amazing if we could just sort out the …’ 

If so, then this is your chance to have your voice heard and an opportunity to have those ideas incorporated into the NDP by coming along to the Design Forum.

How will this make a difference? The NDP will be put to a referendum and once passed will be incorporated into our local planning process.  So your voice can have a direct impact on the nature, shape, and style of our Parish in the future. So ‘get involved’ and ‘tell us about it’.”

If you would like to present at, come along and observe, or like to know further information about the Design Forum, please contact the Steering Group on the NDP email address: or by going to the Parish Office.


  • The two day Design Forum will take place on Wednesday 1st November 2017 and Thursday 2nd November 2017 from 9:30am to 4pm in the Main Hall of the Liphook Millennium Centre.
  • The aim is to gather ideas from a wide representation of the community and to develop and shape these into a single coherent vision for the future of the Parish. This can then be used as the starting point for the next phase of the plan.
  • For those who may not be able to come along to the day session there is an ‘open studio’ from 6pm until 8pm on the evening of day one, for the community to feedback on the culmination of the day’s work.
  • At the end of day 2 there will be a final presentation at 7.30pm to look at the ‘story so far’.