Press Release – Business as Usual

Press Release – Business as Usual

The Bramshott and Liphook Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Steering Group met on Tuesday 23rd January.

The NDP Steering Group listened to Roger Hargreaves from Liss NDP to hear his first-hand experience of drafting and completing a neighbourhood development plan and the challenges they faced along the way.

The NDP Steering Group also discussed a recent presentation from EHDC on their future plans for the Local Plan, including the introduction of new legislative requirements for neighbourhood development plans and housing allocation.

During the meeting, the NDP Steering Group discussed how it has now arrived at a stage of the NDP where it has to take stock and consider a number of ‘moving parts’. It will therefore be seeking clarity on a number of issues from our two supportive planning authorities on their plans for the future including, amongst other topics, housing allocation and the Atkins transport feasibility study. The NDP Steering Group view the NDP as ‘business as usual’ and look forward to the interim report from the consultant and planning the next steps.

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Interim Update on the results of the Design Forum

The Steering Group received an Interim Update presentation on Tuesday 9th January from our independent consultants Feria Urbanism, covering the initial results and recommendations from the Design Forum.

The presentation is available in the following link: Design Forum Interim Update

It begins with a summary of the approach and activities from each day of the Forum.

It then provides some analysis and recommendations regarding one of the key issues that was explored relating to land allocation inside and outside the SDNP, as it relates to the NDP.

Finally, it provides an initial proposal for the structure of our NDP. The 7 Policy Themes are outlined, with draft policy suggestions based on the aggregated feedback from all the communicate engagement that has been undertaken across a range of events and submissions.

It must be stressed that this is only a first initial framework proposal, and there is much work to do to move toward a draft of our local NDP. However, it is an extremely exciting development as for the first time we start to see a single aggregated picture of the views from our community, and an idea of what structure our local plan may take.

The Steering Group would like to again take the opportunity to thank all the local residents, interest groups and businesses that have supported the NDP process so far. The progress is a reflection of all your hard work and input.

We will be announcing further engagement events in the future. Updates will be available on our website and you can also register to receive updates by email here.


Press Release – Next Phase of the NDP

Following a successful series of community engagement events, Cllr Emma Winfield has decided to stand down as interim chair of the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Steering Group. Emma Winfield said “I have really enjoyed chairing the NDP and the fantastic group of passionate, hard-working volunteers from the community that make up the Steering Group. It has been fantastic to chat to local residents and businesses about what they would like the future of the neighbourhood area to look like. I feel that I have achieved what I set out to do and now is the right time to hand the Chairmanship back to the community for the next phase of the project.”

Chair of the Parish Council, Cllr Jane Ives, said “Emma came to me some months ago offering to lead the steering group through the first phase of the NDP which she has done with great drive and enthusiasm and I would like to thank her for so successfully raising the profile of the NDP throughout our community. Emma is remaining on the steering group at the present time in order to ensure a smooth transition to a new chair whom the Parish Council will be appointing in due course. The work of the steering group continues apace with meeting dates recently published for the first 6 months of 2018.”

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